Building a Metaverse Startup Studio

The future of the Internet

Polishing an uncut gem

You’ve found the idea that you believe would work and the world needs. Now, you have two options -

The process of molding

  1. Shape the idea. An idea in itself is not enough to build a product. The idea is researched on and a product concept is created. This is further vetted by design prototyping and user testing. This gives us an experiment in hand to test.
  2. Experiment. Now we launch the experiment and derive data to analyze the workability of the product. The experiment could be anything ranging from a landing page to a launch of one sample product.
  3. Building. Once the experiment is over and it is proven to be a successful one, we get to building the product. We take all the lessons and observations from the experiment and implement them here to build a better product. Now we create an MVP that can test out the distribution.
  4. The home run. The idea conceived has now turned into something bigger and better, a startup on its own. Now, this becomes a new company and operates independently as a startup.

Zoom in and focus

Studios have a very fast-paced work culture. They have to keep moving from one idea to another, create one product, launch it and start on the next. This gives an assured growth in the chart of expertise. You learn from one product, take the learnings, and apply them in the next product.

Why is now the right time for startup studios for the Metaverse?

Experimentation does not require days and months together anymore. Developer tools are now more powerful than ever and no-code tools are a gift to non-developers. Making a website or an app has never been easier. Running experiments is not a costly business anymore.

Metaverse, here comes Cope.



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