Cope.Studio joins forces with Polygon. We are a moonshot factory for the metaverse.

4 min readJan 30, 2022

TL;DR — Cope.Studio is joining hands with Polygon to become the biggest Moonshot Factory for the Metaverse. We are looking to pick bold ideas and invest in them with capital, expertise, and access to create category-defining companies in the Web3 space — on Polygon.

When we started Cope, we never intended it to be conventional as a company. Building with Cope is kind of like a membership — it comes with access to our partners, experts, and teams, plus a founder program designed to help startups with the things they need most: design, engineering talent, and funding.

Our thesis revolved around the Metaverse long before it was popular jargon. There are many visions for building the Metaverse: a persistent, infinitely-scaling virtual space with its own economy and identity system. We are focused on building infrastructure, tools, and products needed to make this space closer to reality. Our goal is to be building the blueprints for what we wanted this Metaverse to be — open, distributed, and for everyone.

In this pursuit, Cope, as a startup studio, has built companies, helped start DAOs and organisations, and designed the launch of several projects in the Web3 space.
All, within ten months since we started.

Now, we’re getting to the most exciting chapter in this journey yet. The Partnership

The Partnership

Cope.Studio joins Polygon to build the most impactful Moonshot Factory on-chain.

In 2022, we hope to scale our effort, impact, and abilities even further.

Rebuilding the foundations of the web excites us to the bone. Decentralised infrastructure can create a stable foundation for software. Instead of handing over control, we can use blockchains and protocols such as Polygon to transact directly and regain control. We’ll be able to scale human coordination on the internet so that individuals have more flexibility, opportunity, and access in ways never possible before.

Why Polygon?

When it comes to deploying on Ethereum, there is only one place that lets developers easily migrate their projects, offers a broad range of scaling options, and has some of the industry’s lowest transaction rates. These are just some of the reasons why the number of teams using Polygon has jumped 100-fold in the past year.

The number of decentralised applications building on Polygon has reached over 7,000 now. In Layer-2, Polygon emerged as the go-to scaling solution that’s enabling Ethereum to become the most definitive, fundamental settlement layer of the growing Web3 ecosystem.

Above all, we just think the Polygon team is the bee’s knees in the space.

What happens next?

About that Moonshot Factory bit

The team at Cope would be working with Polygon on strategic moonshot bets that define the Web3 space. Our collective focus would be to make Cope the best co-creation launchpad in the world on any chain.

Our recipe for metaverse moonshots

Anyone in any field can take a moonshot. Not all moonshots have to include Web3; that’s just what we know best at Cope. Each of our moonshots sits at the intersection of these three ingredients:
1. A huge problem in the decentralised world
2. A radical, sci-fi sounding solution that may seem impossible today
3. A technology breakthrough can let us realistically attempt at solving this issue

Innovation in Web3 is a delicate thing. It needs just the right mix of serendipitous discovery and structure. There’s no step-by-step manual for striking this balance, but there are some mindsets and habits that will help improve your odds.

We’re focused on enabling creators, companies, and builders to succeed with their launches on Polygon. Our mission is to invent and launch moonshot technologies that make the Metaverse a radically better space. We live in the sweet spot between high-risk/idealistic (where most Web3 research lives) and safe-bet/pragmatic (where most companies currently live). We push forward projects that people think are crazy, to the point of feasible prototypes, so people no longer ask “if” but “when”. Cope is a moonshot in and of itself. Our breakthrough idea isn’t a technology; it’s our people. With Polygon, our strategic partnership is about designing a culture with the values and practices that can make radical, purpose-driven creativity possible — today.

All aboard the rocketship?

We’re just getting started.

Excitement, Coffee and gratitude,
The team at Cope




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