Designing for Web3

It is universally held that the new age of the Internet is design-led, but there is as yet no universal consensus on what constitutes the design frameworks and principles for Web3. This article is an attempt to strike a harmony between design that works and that we should strive for as we go about building the Internet we Deserve.

Web3 designs; decentralized applications
Image Credits: belements on Dribbble
  • Should a user know he is using a Web3 application or should Web3 be the invisible layer powering an experience?
  • Even if Web3 is invisible to the user, should we still differentiate for Web3 design?
  • How do you set about building Web3 design differentiation?
  • Should we or should we not use principles of good Web2 design in Web3?
  • How important should aesthetics be in the overall engagement we aim to create?

Emphasizing on accessibility and inclusion over FOMO

Designing with empathy
Image Credits: Interaction Design Foundation
Engaging with extreme users
Image Credits: Teo Yu Siang and Interaction Design Foundation

Adopting an educator’s mindset

Focus on education on the Ethereum platform
Image Credits: Ethereum
  • Is the application allowing users to learn their way through the platform, features, and tasks in an intuitive way?
  • How and what hooks have been enabled to guide the user through the learning curve?
  • Do the language and visuals feel familiar and welcoming to the user rather than exclusionary?
  • Is the application catering to the audience it is built for?
  • Is adequate, task-focused, and easily-searchable information available for users to refer to?

Building true Web3 Differentiation

Let your user know about product security

Don’t keep your users guessing

useful data and stats on 1inch
useful tables on coin market cap

Prevent your users from making irreversible mistakes

Coinbase Wallet- adding friction to user interactions
Credit: Coinbase Wallet

Encourage community participation

World of Women mission-vission statement
Credit: World of Women

Play with aesthetics

Cosmos — a visually stunning website
Credit: Cosmos
Cope.Studio — experimentations with design

Final Thoughts



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