Launching MintNFT — the end-to-end platform for NFT Minting

4 min readJun 8, 2022

Most NFT platforms and marketplaces are entrenched in the idea that artists and developers form the predominant audience for NFT minting and lending. Consequently, these platforms are designed keeping their needs in mind, while excluding a section of the audience who are either new to the technology or have never minted an NFT. However, Web3 is democratic, and the owning or minting of an NFT should be a facility accessible to all.

The Web3 space has only just started to explode, and it is natural that many are drawn to it knowing about the investment possibilities of NFT or the potential of blockchain towards lending provable ownership and security to their digital assets. To that end, it is important that platforms highlight the very qualities of the blockchain that have brought them to this space.

What’s more, the mechanics of NFT minting and trading should be less cryptic to accommodate new users. Without helpful explainers on why certain processes take time or money, users are often left puzzling over what went wrong. Yet, it is important to not dumb down the overall interface to the extent that it builds friction in the minting experience of advanced users.

The sweet spot is therefore somewhere in the middle. An NFT platform should be simple enough for users to complete their tasks and yet versatile enough to meet the NFT needs of experienced users. A good combination of useful content and feature design can help here. Moreover, it is essential to look into and potentially overcome certain aspects of the NFT minting user experience, like high gas fees, which is a cause for dissatisfaction for users. It should also serve to familiarize users with relevant blockchain concepts so that the entire experience is also educational.

To address these needs and create an end-to-end platform for NFT minting that is easy to use and open to all, Polygon, in association with Cope.Studio, launched MintNFT.

How MintNFT solves NFT platform woes

MintNFT is a redesigned version of Polygon’s NFT Minter that lets anyone create NFTs with custom utilities and pay zero gas fees while doing it. The idea with MintNFT was to upscale the design and functionalities of NFT Minter such that minting is super easy and fun for new users, while adding the utilities that makes it an end-to-end platform for launching NFTs.

The MintNFT platform is designed such that users are able to mint any media as an NFT through a simple mechanism in which they connect their wallet, drag and drop their media, and mint.

Minting comes with cool features, such as the ability to choose between ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, as well as Soulbound and regular NFTs. Users can also embed utility into their NFTs, if they like, such as a social account signature, order phygitals, and create unlockable content.

All of these are designed keeping the interface super user-friendly and intuitive, with a hint of gamification put into the mix. A helpful assistant is integrated into the platform to make the whole experience interactive and support users with helpful callouts when the ride gets a bit tough.

Since the barrier to entry is low and everything is completely gas-free, MintNFT unlocks possibilities beyond investment alone. For example, moments in life (a photograph, a text, or an audio file) can be minted as an NFT and given the permanence of the blockchain. Similarly, NFTs can be minted and dropped as a gift to someone.

The platform is also loaded with functionalities that makes it attractive for more technical users. For example, users are given the option to mint their ERC 721 token as soulbound, badge, or 721 only. They can also choose to mint in the Polygon mainnet or testnet. Going ahead, many cool features will be introduced such as Batch Minting, where users can mint many NFTs at a time, or Unity SDK, where in-game collectibles may be minted as NFTs, and also MintNFT API, so that developers can integrate NFT minting to any external platform.

With such features and use cases, MintNFT hopes to create true Web3 value for everyone.

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