Polygon DAO, in partnership with Cope, introduces Polygon Village: The Polygon ecosystem for dApps

3 min readApr 10, 2022

As we sit back and reflect on what worked and what didn’t in the last quarter, we realize that we can switch things up a little to make the next quarter more fresh and interesting.

So, from here on, we will officially be working backwards.


To clarify, working backwards is a work methodology, wherein instead of following the traditional route from product development to PR, the reverse happens. So, the teams essentially start by drafting a press release announcing a product that hasn’t been built yet.

Yes, you heard that right!

We see a number of benefits to this, not least of which is the fact that it was pioneered and implemented by one of the most efficient and productive companies of our generation — Amazon. Working backwards helps teams to be customer-centric i.e. it helps the teams involved in a project to stay focused on the user and the value they want to create. The mere process of drafting a press release acts as a course correction, helping teams stay on track with the project roadmap while making everyone feel more accountable and determined to see a product through till the end.

And don’t we know how important course corrections are when building for Web3!

💡 If you need a better understanding of the original work methodology, check out this enlightening Quora answer by Ian McAllister, Director at Amazon, on Amazon’s approach to product development and product management.

To begin with, here is our first launch for the quarter. We are aiming to push out one launch per week, so expect weekly updates in your inbox at the start of the week.

With over 7000 dApps currently building on Polygon, Polygon DAO launches a first-of-its-kind initiative to bring all dApps within one umbrella. This platform, called Polygon Village, hosts dApps building on the Polygon infrastructure and showcasing its offerings across its ecosystem.

Polygon has been an attractive platform for building dApps owing to its security, scalability, and low gas fee benefits. Now, Polygon DAO aims to build a community for dApps that drives high visibility and engagement to their offerings as well as supports education and marketing initiatives. DApps will also benefit from the rich network of Polygon partners and collaborate across marketing, audit, hiring, education, liquidity, API services, etc.

At Polygon Village, dApps can showcase their benefits, market to a vast community of 11k dApps and 1.5M+ users, and drive customer acquisition. The Village will act as a P2P community where teams support each other and collaborate either directly or over networking events. To add to these benefits, the Village also offers an ecosystem job board to streamline hiring, a Polygon Village Accelerator, and shared grants with Polygon DAO.

Given Cope.Studio’s extensive experience in building platforms and ecosystems within the Web3 space, Polygon DAO teamed up with Cope to design and build the website for Polygon Village.

Considering the impact Polygon Village aims to create, Cope’s approach was to nail the basics right, i.e., map out the goals and the benefits of the ecosystem in a way that supports the needs of a large community. These were brought together with an effective UX and design strategy that will help users easily find the information they want and take action.

Here is more on Polygon Village and our partnership. Check out the platform we build here.

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