Polygon launches Drops — the Polygon Merch Store, Powered by Cope.Studio

2 min readApr 25, 2022


Polygon launches Drops, an exclusive Polygon merchandise store, for everyone enthusiastic about Web3. With Drops, Polygon wants to power a recognizable and shared cultural identity for everyone building the Web3 dream.

The Web3 community is growing. Be it the early adopters and pioneers of blockchain, the backers, or even skeptics, one thing stays consistent — everyone believes in its core values of decentralization, community participation, and creator-powered economy. Polygon too constitutes a unique confluence of diverse communities, and from developers to validators, creators to enthusiasts, each is doing their bit in building, supporting, or driving interest to the Web3 dream.

For Polygon, community building remains a core focus of its roadmap, and much effort is being taken to drive greater interest and build larger and more inclusive communities, whether through partnerships, meetups, hackathons, designathons, or others.

With Drops, Polygon wants to do just that.

Conceptualized as a single platform that fuel a sense of collectivism and affinity, pride and belongingness, Drops will focus on partnerships, events, and collaborations and drops with incredible brands like TDM. It will host a wide collection of aesthetically-pleasing and useful merch from Polygon and Polygon partners like Cope.Studio, Polygon Studios, eDAO, Dehidden. Anyone can visit the store and order from among trendy streetwear, accessories, and other branded gear.

The platform currently lets users claim merch using NFTs from ETH Amsterdam and Polygon Ignite.

Given Cope.Studio’s experience in building platforms in the Web3 space, Polygon teamed up with Cope to design and build the Drops website. For the project, Cope.Studio’s approach would be to design a shopping experience that is aesthetic, memorable, and also hassle-free. The platform will feature branded merch kits as well as individual drops.

The platform is now live on drops.polygon.technology

ABOUT Cope.Studio

Cope.Studio is the moonshot factory of Polygon that is building products and startups. Cope converts Web3 ideas into products with their product, design, and growth teams working together. Their goal is to create game-changing web3 products on the Polygon platform and create a meaningful impact on the ecosystem.




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