Reality.Tools, an online collection of 3D resources gets acquired by OxyNinja

3 min readMar 14, 2022

At Cope, we have wanted to design to pave the way in creating impact in the digital world. Naturally, Reality.Tools, one of the first-ever products we ever built catered to the design community. Today, we are stoked to announce that Reality.Tools is getting acquired by OxyNinja, a collection of tools and templates for Oxygen website builders.

Reality.Tools is an online repository of 3D assets ranging from 3D icon packs to Figma templates and Webflow templates.

The next-gen of design is leaning towards 3D, with the internet moving to the next phase and the products being built for the Metaverse. Brands want to take a more realistic approach, as a way to communicate to their audience better. But 3D designs are not always easily available. It takes hours to create something as simple as one icon. To solve this problem, we created Reality.Tools as a library of 3D assets that range from 3D icon packs to Figma templates and Webflow templates.

OxyNinja’s ultimate goal is to improve the workflow of fellow freelancers and web design agencies. This was aligned with Reality.Tools, as one does not need to spend hours rendering 3D assets, and rather focus on building compelling experiences and webpages.

Reality.Tools provides 3D icons in Blender format, with different angles and in a resolution of 2K pixels. This not only saves time for designers, but even people who can’t afford to hire a 3D designer on their own can just use one of the packages that come with complementing Figma and Webflow templates to build on their own.

OxyNinja provides tools and templates which can be used to create websites on Oxygen, a platform to create WordPress websites. “Be it individuals or brands, everyone needs an online presence now. Not having a website is pretty much equal to not having an address you live in. We are always looking for new ways to help designers save time,” said David Babinec, Founder of OxyNinja.

“Reality.Tools was a great fit with the vision at Oxy, given the web is moving towards 3D and the inevitable path of the Metaverse. Sites will become spatial, and building such sites would require an increasing amount of 3D resources to be in place. Reality.Tools is well-positioned to be the marketplace of choice for developers, designers, and builders for all things immersive and web first,” added Babinec.

Both the parties believe that 3D design is going to be a very important part of building the Metaverse, as we need designs that the users should be able to interact with and see in their own space as opposed to a flat graphic. “The age of 2D is coming to an end. You can see this trend in games, app designs, and websites. It’s not that 2D graphics will not cease to exist. It’s just that most high-end versions of digital design will need 3D,” said RD, a designer from a leading agency.

The transition from 2D to 3D is going to be inevitable but the process will be time and money-consuming for a lot of brands and companies. This is the reason why products like Reality.Tools will help in making this transition easier and faster. You can check out Reality.Tools here.

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