The Learnings from a 10k NFT Project That Never Saw the Light of Day

cyborks NFTs

1. Community-first approach from Day 0

  • Community-first approach — building a solid distribution plan is step 1
  • Involve the community in decision-making processes.

2. Product roadmaps that balance delight & surprise with practical possibilities

Designing above the curve
  • When starting an NFT project, aim to be above the curve — either generate extremely high interest so that people buy purely for the art, or attach extremely valuable utilities so that people essentially invest to access those utilities.

3. Designs that practically sell itself

  • Deep research on NFT designs that are taking off. Set a balance between being unique & using traits that are popping up in the NFT world.
  • Involve the community in the design process. Early community members are the most valuable assets — use their opinion in shaping designs.



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