We need a useful Metaverse. Here is how we can build it.

Human-first technology

It’s rather become a debate now on whether technology is a boon or bane to society. An age-old argument against technology remains that it stops people from interacting in real life. One might even argue that we have to completely ditch technology and go the old-fashioned way. But we do not think that’s how we should go about it.

The real-world Metaverse

We know what we want. The question comes to, how are we going to pull this off? We need technology that connected the real world with the digital world. Think of it as a digital layer over our physical world, filled with data, information and services but in an interactive way. We could call this the real-world Metaverse as opposed to the video game versions. We are going to experience reality in a better way. PokemonGo was a great example of how this is possible. It’s not about just the computer graphic challenge of adding animations to the real world, but also finding ways to present experiences, services, and information where the physical and digital worlds meet.

  1. Create a consistent experience for hundreds of millions of users across the world
  2. Tying this experience to the physical world

Building wearables

There is a lot of skepticism around AR. A lot of innovation will be required to achieve the optical and computing performance that we expect. It should also be delivered in a way that is socially acceptable. Alan Kay accurately depicted the future of technology in his 1972 Dynabook paper. The past few years have evolved from mainframe to mini-computers, to PCs and laptops to smartphones. If you see, the performance has increased and the size has reduced thus proving Kay’s view. This trend was noted as early as the 1980s by Mark Weiser and other experts that ultimately the computer devices will disappear into the world. Weiser called this “ubiquitous computing”.

Build responsibly

We know this is going to be a massive shift in the way technology is going to transform lives. This is not going to be the job of one company. Several startups, ideas, investors have to come together to build this and each one of us should know our responsibilities and offer value.



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