Workflow Optimization, Tracking, and More in a Startup Studio

Notion — Our One Love.

Any working professional or an organization has had a crisis in settling on their workflow at least once. Agreed? We have some preset flows we take inspiration from, we see what works for others but in the end, we think there is no one shoe fits all. But hey, who wants a shoe that fits all anyway?

  • Easy to access and find information
  • Easy to keep track

Bulletproofing the workflow

When you start scaling, there is a lot happening all of a sudden. What do you do to deal with this scenario? You bulletproof.

Source: Notion for designers by Hyowon Lee
  • Filter and format the content in relevant contextual dashboards.

The vault

According to the Bulletproof methodology, you divide your information into three different top-level master databases — Buckets, Bolts, and Bytes. They then branch into subcategories. Here is what our vault looks like:

  • Team (Tags) Helps in identifying the right card
  • Quarter (Select)
  • Projects picked up and progress (Text)
  • Stage (Select) This is Lead, Contacted, Proposed, and Live Projects
  • Confidence (Select) Scored on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Contact Person (Text)
  • Email (Email)
  • Phone number (Phone)
  • Wing of Cope (Select)
  • Launch Date (Date)
  • Story points (Select) We rate our task based on the difficulty, time required, and priority. We use Fibonacci numbers to rate.
  • Status (Tags)
  • Comments (Text)
  • Brief (Text)
  • References (Links)
  • Campaign 2 (Text)
  • Campaign 3 (Text)

Why Notion?

We chose Notion because we get to keep all our data in one place. It eliminates the need to have n number of documents and spreadsheets. And most importantly, it lets us add media, bookmark links, mention people, link between pages, and the number of the features we find useful in our daily lives is way too many.



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